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Innovation – Strategies – Timing: The New Roadmap

Organized by Banker’s Review & Boussias Communications

The conference focuses on the transition factors to Open Banking and the requirements of embracing innovation, new trends, solutions and services at the Financial, Technological, Business and Institutional level, as well as in formulating strategies by taking into account the timing parameter in the design of a sustainable Roadmap.


The Conference

16th Bank Management Conference aims to highlight and analyze trends and milestones in cutting-edge technologies, the use of innovation in disruptive yet realistic new systems that, however, will be easy-to-use and positively welcome by the market, as well as emerging new marketing models. The Open Banking era has already started.

Open Banking is in a relatively unnoticeable phase from the market’s current perception, but it will soon start shaping a new culture. The Open Banking race is fast and robust; it requires disruptive technologies, although its success depends on the bottom line, in other words, the end-customers response (Businesses and Consumers). Being in a phase of PSD2 Directive’s official adoption and until its full implementation in conjunction with GDPR and the rest of the relevant regulations that directly or indirectly have an impact at the Banking sector, as well as the new “players” of the Financial Sector, the Banks are to encounter a series of fundamental challenges and need to be activated to plan their new course of actions by the proper use of high-tech aiming a successful digital transformation, while simultaneously setting appropriate go-to-market strategy conveying new value positioning expecting an increasing and positive response to new services new end-users experience, as well as new B2B and B2C relationship development channels.

The race of the Banking sector in the new reality within the challenge of Open Banking and its subsequent opportunities, as well as combined with the parallel introduction of new Financial Institutions (PSP’s, Challenger Banks), dictates new approaches in the field of alliances at both technological and commercial level. At the same time, the rising new Competitive Field becomes more complex. Innovation enables cutting-edge technologies (Core Banking as-a-Service, Open API’s, Data aggregation, Blockchain, BigData, AI, IoT, Strong Customer Authentication and other Anti-Fraud solutions) is the catalyst that influences the development of breakthrough, cost-effective, ergonomic and user-friendly services.

The strategy combined with the right timing for new value associated with quality, user-friendliness, prompt service delivery, security and a tangible end-customer benefit, constitute critical factors for gaining competitive advantage.

The conference, focusing on innovation, new trends, solutions and services in the field of Open Banking, is an ideal meeting point for organizations of the established Banking sector, as well as for innovative Fintechs and specialized consulting firms as a creative field for mutually beneficial exchange of views and business initiatives. Do not miss the opportunity to be at the 1st Payments360 Conference, which will host outstanding international speakers and Greek experts from the Financial, Technological, Business and Institutional Sectors, and is expected to host more than 200 executives.



Open Banking

Innovation – Strategies – Timing: the New Road Map

# 1 SESSION Roadmap, Regulatory Compliance, Next Day: High-Street Banks, Challenger Banks and Payment Service Providers.

The purpose of the 1st Session is to highlight the path to the new reality that will be shaped up by Open Banking. It will analyze current progress and the practical implications of the adoption of the Banking Directives, as well as the day-to-day plans by High-street Banks as well as the plans from the newcomers Challenger Banks and Payment Service Providers as part of their planning new Road Map.

# 2 SESSION The role and influence of Fintechs in Open Banking: Open API’s, Core Banking as-a-Service, Blockchain, Combating Digital Fraud.

The aim of the 2nd Session is to explore Fintechs contribution through the concrete presentation of innovative solutions, the fields in which their presence is considered fundamental and essential, their position towards partnerships as Providers, or alternatively in strategic alliances as Partners to Banking Organizations. Technologies that will change the landscape and support Open Banking “take flesh and bones” are about to come to light.

# 3 SESSION Omni-Channel Experience, Consumers Culture Shift, User Experience, New Banking Digital Services: BigData, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things.

The purpose of the 3rd Session is to analyze the evolution of the new relationships that Open Banking shapes in the market and the solutions and services for monitoring, measuring and responding to customer needs. The new approach is inevitably high – tech and its achievements will affect customer engagement, positive experience towards a new consumer culture. The time and mode of implementation to be analyzed in relation to the mentality of the new generation as well as traditional consumers.

Meet the


The conference speakers will be announced soon.

Conference Audience

16th Bank Management Conference addresses senior executives from the International Institutions, the Banking and the Financial sector, as well as experts in Digital Transformation, Challenger Banks, PSP’s, Fintechs, ICT Innovators, while also top consultancy experts and C-level executives from different vertical markets (Retail, Energy, Telecoms, etc.) and savvies on Marketing Strategy. In particular:

  • Chief Technology Officers, Heads of IT & CIOs
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Chief Innovation Managers (Retail, Telecoms, Utilities, etc.)
  • Chief Non-Bank Institutions
  • Chief Retail Banking Officers
  • Chief Operations Officers (COOs)
  • Financial Compliance Directors
  • ICT Auditors
  • Risk & Authentication Managers
  • ICT Infrastructure and Business Continuity Managers
  • ICT Managers
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Payments Experts
  • Financial Systems and Services’ Consultants, and Integrators
  • Cutting-Edge Technology Experts

Key Issues

  • Constructive debate on regulations impact for a transformed banking industry
  • Successful bank-fintech partnerships building market share and offering targeted services to new customers
  • Develop new revenue streams from Open Banking compliance requirements
  • Plan risk mitigation strategies for data protection, privacy and liability concerns
  • Encourage digital engagement and loyalty through an improved customer journey
  • Establish an implementation plan to redesign existing legacy systems
    • Planning to embrace innovative high-tech systems
    • Adopt a cross-industry and cross-border strategy in an expanding market
    • Embrace agile internal operations to quickly comply and respond to new opportunities


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